Dorian J. Lair

• Entrepreneur
• Web Design & Analytics • Semi-Pro Goalkeeper

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I am Determined

I have a lifelong passion of sports, athletics and anything related to sweating. I'm always looking for the next project to work on and determined to be a millionaire to help lift up the people around me. Whether its sports, technology or a combination of both, I have goals I want to achieve. You with me?

How can I Help?

Lets see if we get things moving!

Semi-Pro Goalkeeper

Soccer Player
  • Yes, I can ball. Need some training or a goalkeeper? Give me a holler. US Soccer F Licensed Coach and have experience in the NPSL, UPSL, WISL and more.

Web Design & Analytics

Google Certified Consultant ​
  • Need a website? I got you! Let's measure your advertising ROI as well as track your website's performance, video interactions, and social media traffic. Need an in-depth analysis of how your site is performing?


Project & Business Kick-Start
  • New business needing a kick-start? Do you have a new idea but just don't know how to get started? Let's put together an in-depth plan or setup a formal project and get things moving!​