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For the Game

I LIVE for all things Soccer (Football). I've been playing for 25 years in many different leagues and competition levels including NAIA, NWACC, UPSL and the NPSL. From Pick-Up to Indoor, Futsal and Outdoor, you name it, I've probably done it. Currently have a USSF E license and have coached for some top youth clubs in Portland, OR and at the Collegiate level for Warner Pacific University. I do it all for the GAME>

What are you Looking For?

Lets see if we get things moving!


How can I help your team?
  • Need a coach for a team? I specialize in Goalkeeping help, but have many years experience with tactics and strategy. Lets chat!

Pick-Up Soccer

I Just Want To Play
  • Just want to play? I host weekly pick-up soccer sessions. We do a solid warm-up and jump right into small sidded. Ask where!


Let's Get In Shape
  • Out of shape? Need a training partner or training ideas? Let's talk about a training regimen and programming!